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Studio lighting basics

Learn to set up studio lighting and take professional images.

Sunset photoshoot

Learn how to take stunning sunset images.

Photoshop® basics

Learn how to professionally retouch your portraits and headshots.


We will cover the basic studio lighting concepts and techniques that will enable you to create amazing studio portraits without breaking the bank.

You will learn about ambient vs flash lighting, qualities of light, “seeing the light” and assessing the situation, getting the exposure right, speedlights, strobes, triggers, modifiers.

What will be provided: lighting equipment and trigger, lunch, snacks and beverages, model(s)

Maximum capacity: 4 students.

Duration: 6 hours. Price: $1819


We will teach you all the available options professionals have when shooting in the sunset.

We will cover: how to shoot front and backlit images in  full sun, how to enhance or overcome glare, how to create shadows and silhouettes, how to fill shadows on location (flashes, reflectors,speedlights, Icelight)

What will be provided: lighting equipment, lunch, snacks and beverages, model(s), transport to the location

Maximum capacity: 4 students.

Duration: 6 hours (including travel to the location) Price: $1919


This class will take you through the Adobe® Photoshop®  basics and all you need to know to be able to retouch the portraits and headshots that you take.

You will master: working with layers, using layer masks, brush tool basics, working with Wacom tablet, basics of portrait retouching: spot healing tool, cloning, sharpening, brightening eyes and shadows, whitening teeth, etc.

What will be provided: computer, Wacom tablet and pen, lunch, snacks and beverages.

Maximum capacity: 1 student. This is a one-on-one class.

Duration: 6 hours.  Price: $1819